Friday, July 20, 2012

Healthcare Job Openings Oman

One of Asia’s best providers of Filipino professionals worldwide is looking for various healthcare professionals for placement in Healthcare Job Openings Oman. These healthcare job openings Oman have Job Orders that were all approved by the POEA last July 18, 2012 with vacancies for applicants who qualifies for the following positions: 

Midwife --------------------------- 30 vacancies
Staff Nurse ----------------------- 207 vacancies
Laboratory Technician ---- 90 vacancies
Radiology Technician ------- 30 vacancies
Occupational Therapist ---- 30 vacancies
Physical Therapist ----------- 30 vacancies
Respiratory Therapist ------ 30 vacancies

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Therapist Job Hiring US

A POEA duly licensed recruitment agency in Malate, Manila is looking to recruit Therapists who are qualified for Therapist Job Hiring US. The said therapist job hiring US was made possible thru the POEA approval of its Job Orders allowing the said recruitment agency to Physical and Occupational Therapists who will qualify for the said therapist jobs abroad. Specified below is the number of vacancies for each of the available therapist jobs US.

Physical Therapist ---------- 200 vacancies
Occupational Therapist ---- 200 vacancies