Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dental Nurse Jobs Kuwait

The POEA recently approved a job order that offers employment opportunities abroad to those who will qualify for Dental Nurse Jobs Kuwait. These dental nurse jobs Kuwait was approved for recruitment by the POEA last September 14, 2010 for Nonstop Overseas Employment Corp., a POEA accredited recruitment agency based in Malate, Manila and 10 office branches nationwide. For the said dental nurse jobs Kuwait, 46 applicants will be selected for dental nurse jobs abroad.

Filipino Nursing Jobs in Jordan

A POEA accredited recruitment agency located in Malate, Manila and branch offices in Dubai and Jordan is currentlly seeking to recruit Filipino nurses for its POEA approved Filipino Nursing Jobs in Jordan. The job order for the said Filipino nursing jobs in Jordan was approved last September 16 for Skills International Company Inc. Together with the said job order is a job order balance fo 50 nursing job applicants to be selected for placement in Filipino nursing jobs abroad.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nurse Hiring for Saudi

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently looking for Filipino nurses who are qualified for its Nurse Hiring for Saudi. And to facilitate the recruitment process, a job order was approved by the POEA last August 24 allowing a POEA accredited recruitment agency to select nursing job applicants for the said nurse hiring for Saudi. For the said nurse hiring, a total of 100 applicants will be chosen for placement in nursing jobs abroad.

Brunei Nursing Jobs

A POEA accredited recruitment agency with 30 years of valuable experience in providing quality Filipino workers for overseas employment is currently inviting applicants for its POEA approved Brunei Nursing Jobs. These Brunei nursing jobs was approved for recruitment last August 17 for a recruitment agency based in Makati City. For the said job order, a total of 10 applicants will be selected for placement in Brunei nursing jobs.